The Houbolt Road Extension is an “all-electronic” toll facility (meaning no stopping at a toll booth) designed to provide users with a smooth and easy drive and help reduce fuel consumption by eliminating the need to stop for toll payment.

Establishing an account with an I-PASS or E-ZPass transponder is the fastest and lowest-cost option to pay your Houbolt Road Extension tolls. Sensors on an overhead structure read the transponder and capture an image of the vehicle’s license plate. This electronic form of payment for your tolls is also used on the neighboring Illinois Tollway, Chicago Skyway and Indiana Toll Road.

If crossing without a valid, funded, and appropriately registered I-PASS or E-ZPass account, the registered vehicle owner will be mailed an invoice for tolls.

Invoice & Billing

Toll collection began on April 15, 2023.

Invoices will be generated within 30 days from date(s) of travel.*

Customers who receive an invoice for tolls on the Houbolt Road Extension can access their account online or by calling customer service:

*Some website features may not be available until after invoices are generated. NOTE: If you are trying to pay your toll before your invoice is issued, information for your pay-by-plate transactions will be available approximately 2 weeks after travel.

NOTE: If the transponder is absent from the vehicle, improperly mounted, or undetected for any other reason, the system will attempt to match the license plate to an E-ZPass or I-PASS account before mailing an invoice. Therefore, it is important for the vehicle’s license plate to be added and appropriately updated on the I-PASS or E-ZPass account.

For more information on:

Questions about an invoice you received for tolls on Cline Avenue Bridge or paying online, visit:

E-ZPass & I-PASS Questions

Houbolt Road Extension JV, LLC does not issue our own I-PASS or E-ZPass, however we do accept I-PASS or E-ZPass from any other issuing agency.

Questions related to E-ZPass and I-PASS should be directed to the agency that issued the transponder.

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