The Houbolt Road Extension is coming in early 2023, creating a faster, more efficient route between I-80 and the nation’s largest inland port.

BENEFITS for Truck Drivers

  • Provides the most direct path between I-80 and intermodal centers in Joliet and Elwood
  • Saves time, miles, and money
  • Maximizes truck driver hours and optimizes resources
  • Increases fuel savings, dependability, and efficiency
  • Solution to area congestion, idling trucks, and long routes to the highway
  • Supports economic and job growth in Will County, IL
  • Helps reduce emissions with less idling and mileage
  • All-electronic tolling = no stopping
  • Private project uses no local, state, or federal funds for its construction and operation

This privately owned and operated 1.5-mile toll bridge will create a more direct connection between I-80 and the nation’s largest inland port.


Request a time and mileage cost analysis to learn how the Houbolt Road Extension can save your business time, miles, and money.

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